Day 17: Grosmont to Robin Hoods Bay

Well this was it, the big finish.  We have been planning this adventure for just under a year and today we saw those plans come to fruition.  The day started with a solid breakfast at 7:30 that got us ready to start our hike a little before 8:30.  And we needed all of the energy we could get to handle the first 1.3 miles of the day, a 33% grade climb up the asphalt road out of Grosmont. Good thing we had relatively fresh legs, but that climb definitely took a it's toll on our legs and my back.  Lara's back and shoulders have been hurting so I took some extra weight in my bag today.   And my back and shoulders definitely felt the weight.  Now we both have the same back/ shoulder issues - how romantic.  

Fortunately the next few miles were downhill.  And then we went through some of the most beautiful terrain of the entire trip.  As we left Littlebeck, we entered a wood area that seemed magical.  A path along a stream that led to Falling Foss waterfalls continued to a rock bridge that crossed the stream.  The next section was more road walking and boggy paths through moors.  It was at this point that my back pain started to grow and the kids started losing steam. Les Mis couldn't help, though I tried.  This was the first time both kids were hitting the wall together. And we still had 6 miles to go.  So we pushed on for a mile or two and then stopped for a lunch break at The Hare and Hound in High Hawkser.  Just what the kids needed to replenish their spirits before the final stretch.  Then we started back up and I was able to finish telling Volume 2 of Les Mis. Only three volumes to go!  

The final part was amazing and reminded us of the beginning of our trip.  It was a nice long walk along the coast leading up to Robin Hoods Bay.  We took this part slowly, enjoying the moment. The cliffs were spectacular.  We were grateful that it was a clear sunny day so we could  enjoy the views as we neared town.  Once there we had a steep descent to the beach.  We got there and hugged the kids.  What an accomplishment!  We dipped our toes in the North Sea and then threw in our pebbles from St. Bees as tradition dictates.

By then our muscles were mush, but we had to make it back up to the top to get to our B &B.  We made it up, and it was well worth it - The Grange is a special place, and a wonderful place to end this journey.

Tomorrow we head to London and then on Monday back to the US.

And so our fairy tale hiking adventure comes to an end.  I'll write one more blog post tomorrow summing it all up.  Thanks for following us on this journey and supporting us.

Distance hiked: 15.63 miles
Total time hiking:  6 hrs. 28 min.
Avg. miles per hour: 2.41 miles per hour
Total Ascent: 1,943 ft.
Total Descent:2,023 ft.

Lara's Observation of the Day: It felt surreal to walk the last few miles along the coast.  But more than anything I was filled with gratitude for having this opportunity and admiration for my kids.

Olivia's Observation of the Day: I don't think many can experience the feeling I had seeing Robin Hood's Bay for the first time from the cliff top path.  I got a gurgly feeling, not wanting this experience to end, but at the same time so proud of our family getting through this together

Jonah's Observation of the Day: When we saw the bay, I was very excited , but sad too because that meant we were close to being done.