Day 11: Rest day in Richmond

Ah - a rest day!!!!  So needed!  Sorry for all of the exclamation points, but after 10 days of walking over 100 miles, a day off is cause for celebration.  We woke a little after 8 and went down for an 8:30 am breakfast (that was the latest we could possibly eat at this B & B).  
Breakfast was a notch above as evidenced by the portobello mushrooms we ate (we usually only get button mushrooms).

After breakfast Lara and I decided to tour the town - the kids didn't want to go.  Jonah read for a couple of hours and Olivia continued creating her make-believe story that she had started yesterday, "Malibu Grange", about a town in England.  So creative.  She used some items that are in the room and then cut out little people and other houses from spare paper.  She worked at this for a few hours yesterday and was back at it this morning.

Lara and I took a great walk on a beautiful morning and explored Easby Abbey (of course with the requisite handstand photos).  It was founded in 1152 and is in better shape than the last abbey we visited.  It definitely gives a sense of perspective to realize how little time we actually spend on this planet in the scope of things.  No need to worry about the little nuisances in life - in the big picture they mean so little.  Focus on being loving and kind to those we come in contact with - I know that if I can do that, then my little insignificant time will be significant to those around me.  Our walk turned out to be a little over 4 miles - so much for taking it easy!

When we got back, the kids were still doing what they had been doing when we left.  Olivia then became a waitress and house cleaner and cleaned her room and turned it into a little restaurant for us to eat yesterday's Chinese food leftovers.  That done, we headed back to town.  The kids and I went to Richmond Castle - another ruin with lots of history.  The land had been a gift by William the Conqueror to Alan Rufus, Count of Penthievre.  And the castle was built in the 11th century.  The site became known as 'the strong hill' or 'Riche Mount' and the town developed as a consequence of its promenance.  While we were exploring the castle, Lara was getting a much deserved 60 minute massage!  We finished walking around the castle and then the kids split a 60 minute massage and I got a 60 minute massage too.  We all felt much better and deservingly pampered.

After a nice dinner, we treated the kids to a movie - Jurassic World.  Great way to wrap up our day off.  Now we're back getting ready for getting back on the trail tomorrow.  Our day off from hiking was not a day off from walking.  No backpack, but we did clock 8.6 miles of walking (at least Lara and I did)!

Distance walked: 8.6 miles

Lara's Observation of the Day:
It was lovely to have my backpack off my back for a day!

Olivia's Observation of the Day: I was plenty surprised by a massage and a movie today.

Jonah's Observation of the Day: I got my first ever massage today, and I really liked it!