Day 15: Clay Bank Top to Blakey Ridge

What a day! Sun was shining, but not too hot.  And there was not too much thinking needed to keep on track today.  Shortest and easiest day of the hike but no complaints about that. We had a great breakfast at 7:45 AM, including fruit smoothies!  After packing up, we headed out at 8:45 AM with the short car ride to the point where we stopped yesterday.  By 9 AM, we were heading on our way back on the coast to coast path.

It started with a Klein for about 20 minutes, maybe a little under a mile. Our legs refresh, so wasn't a big deal and we knew it would be our only climb of the day.  The rest of the day was on a single lane farm road, followed by a disused railroad track.   But nothing compared to what we've seen in the past week or two.

It was a perfect day to continue detail of Les Mis.  And so we did.  Lara is starting to experience some shoulder issues. There probably are two culprits for that: her backpack and no yoga. Both problems will be fixed within a few days.  Olivia's issues seemed a little more pressing. Her shoes are definitely getting too small and your blister is really bothering her.  Fortunately, Jonah has an extra pair of sneakers that he uses when we get to our destination spots.  They are one size bigger than Olivia's sneakers, and he was kind enough to let her use them.  That didn't eliminate the blister, but I did alleviate the problem the bed and helped keep it from getting a exacerbated.

We took one break for a snack.  Our hosts from yesterday were kind enough to give us some vegan eats for free to take with us including some rolls that they had baked and more jam tarts that they had left over.  

By 12:30 PM, we arrived at our destination: the Lion Inn in Blakey Ridge.  Many people combine our last three days into two days and we certainly could've done that.  But we are in no rush, and we really didn't know how the kids would handle the whole trek.  And skipping over this spot would've denied us to stay at a really charming B&B. It dates back over 400 years and looks the part , especially on the inside, with deep brown rustic beams and open fires.  It is the fourth highest inn in Britain! We put our things down in our rooms, two rooms for the night, and went down for lunch.  Food was fine and filling - not as tasty as yesterday, but it satisfied our hunger.  

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading, writing, and relaxing.  And I booked our train tickets back to London.  Sad to think that this adventure is coming to an end.  But so it goes.  

The Lion Inn IS Blakey Ridge - it's the only building in the area so we went back down for dinner - same as lunch - and then watched a little Les Mis on YouTube before heading off to bed.

Distance hiked: 8.82 miles
Total time hiking:  3 hrs. 6 min. 
Avg. miles per hour: 2.8 miles per hour
Total Ascent: 754 ft. 
Total Descent: 193 ft.

Lara's Observation of the Day: Today felt like a walk on the beach!

Olivia's Observation of the Day: As we passed a little lamb napping in the grass, I was inspired to write a short story.  

Jonah's Observation of the Day: I Liked listening to Dad tell the suspenseful story of Les Mis today.