2017, Here We Come!

2016 is now but a memory, with its regular reports of terrorist bombings, environmental degradation and unprecedented weather systems, along with the vitriolic election that pulled our country apart.  As a society, we have been left in an atmosphere filled with anger, cynicism, and divisiveness. How do we move forward in 2017 with our heads held high and our spirits even higher?

The answer is, of course, through service and involvement. When we work to assist others, we help and heal ourselves tenfold. The residual effects of our 2015 Coast to Coast hiking trip across England are still with our family; yet, the world continues to change at a seemingly galactic pace. We truly believe in the powerful effect of humane education on today’s children/tomorrow’s leaders to nurture creative solutions to the global challenges that both directly and indirectly impact all of us.  We are inspired by pivotal changemakers, like IHE’s founder Zoe Weil, who work tirelessly to create a more humane, sustainable, and connected world.  Because we are committed to raise more awareness about and money for IHE, we are once again pulling those bootstraps up and taking to the trail this summer for a Coast to Coast for Compassion hike across Scotland!

We hope you will not only follow our journey this summer through our blog, but also choose to support the cause.  We raised about $25,000 last trip and hope to do even better this time around.  Since once again we are completely self-funding the trek, 100% of your tax-deductible donation will go directly to IHE.  And if your company is interested in becoming a corporate partner, please let us know!