Today begins a different type of trek from our bi-annual hikes, but one that also honors Farm Sanctuary and the animals it rescues. Starting this afternoon I will begin an inner journey with 2 weeks of silence. My natural state is in motion so choosing stillness, solitude, and quiet, so in many respects this will be more challenging for me than a Coast to Coast hike.

The animals pictured with me are the lucky few who have been rescued from lives of torment and now live peacefully at Farm Sanctuary. So I choose to silence and confine myself while I meditate on the billions of animals who don’t have the luxury of choice but live in horrific conditions - silenced, confined, and ultimately killed. While I hope to grow from these 2 weeks, I know they will wither away.

To hear more about our hike and what inspired me to do this 2 weeks of silence, check out Lara’s podcast (Movement By Lara: Redefining Yoga). Her interview with me first airs on December 10th.

Peace and love to you all.