The adventure begins!

What a day!  No matter how early we start getting ready, it always seems that we are prepping right up until the time we leave the house!  The morning started at 5 am, dealing with tying up loose ends at work and taking care of the animals - they always seem to be able to sense when we are going away.  It was our last Coast to Coast hike, which started exactly 2 years ago today, that led to our adopting Orlando.  We wish we could bring him on this adventure, but the logistics were just too difficult, so he'll just be with us in spirit.

We learned a lot about packing for such a trip from the last go around, so felt well prepared for this one.  In fact, much of our gear is being reused this go around with a few subtractions and other additions.  We definitely packed lighter this go around - fewer clothes.  And since we are blessed to be sponsored by the wonderful Xero Shoe company, our footwear is much lighter than it had been 2 years ago.  I'm also excited to updated my blogging experience by dropping the IPad (too heavy, and instead using an extremely lightweight and foldable Bluetooth keyboard (a Jimo), which I am LOVING already! 

Lara's do-everything assistant/studio manager Missy picked us up at 4 pm as we were putting the finishing touches on our packs, took the obligatory departing photo (pictured above), and got us to Newark with plenty of time to spare for our 7:45 flight to Glasgow.  As our nutrition expert, Lara picked up some vegan Mexican bowls from Chipotle that we brought for dinner.  We are often asked about the difficulty traveling as a vegan family - it really isn't difficult at all.  It just requires a little foresight.  

We  are looking forward to starting our trek tomorrow and will be blogging each day about our adventures.  

Goodbye USA!  Here we come Scotland!